There are some things that just stick with you and these few words, “I can and I will” were constantly said to me as I sprinted back and forth passed my supportive coach.  Well it started off as a sprint but ended up being a slow jog after a while. I was not upset with myself one bit. I did not give up, I kept pushing when I didn’t think I could keep moving and I kept hearing her say “I can and I will”.  Don’t think about how many reps you have to do, think about just getting through the one you’re on. It makes things way easier.

If you’re a fitness lover then you may not understand the struggle some experience trying to stay motivated during a workout or getting themselves to do a workout. I was not this way before children but for some reason working out is a chore to me now. I am still waiting for this feeling to change, I want the pre-baby energetic Nicole back. My mind loves fitness, heck I look the part daily in my workout clothes HA! I want results so so so bad but I am lacking something to get a workout in 5 days a week. So, now that I have said all of this to you I am setting a goal for myself for the remaining weeks left in this Body Back class.

  • I will workout Monday to Friday
  • Minimum 30 minutes
  • I will attend every remaining class
  • I will do all my WFH sets (workout from home) provided by Fit4Mom
  • I will add on Saturday morning BOOST classes when I can

Staying focused on eating healthy has been great! I have that down! Using My Fitness Pal app has become a way of life and I could not imagine NOT logging my food daily. It still blows my mind how easily you can eat WAY too many calories in a day. I do not eat like a bird and I still eat food that tastes good, I just watch my portions. When you drink as much water as I do there really isn’t room to binge anyways. I also, love that on Saturday I can have my cheat day and not feel guilty. Due to my current medical conditions/stomach issues cheat days are not as glorious as some would have but I can still enjoy a small treat or a few drinks.

I will say for a little while I was focusing on the scale and forgetting that this is a journey not a race. I am not going to just drop weight quickly, its just not the way I am built. I want the scale to move down so badly but I can not let this be my focus or I know that I will end up stressing out and failing myself. It is hard when friends around you are dropping pounds at a much faster pace but I know it will happen for me, I need to be patient with my journey. I can and I will. I have almost reached my first goal of losing 10 pounds. That is something to be proud of and a reason to keep pushing. When I get to ten pounds what should I do? What sort of reward would you give yourself?

This week is BRING A FRIEND WEEK!!! I am so excited for some new mamas to come and try this class out. Click here to find out more: