We’re nearing the end of another Body Back 8 week session and I am NOT nervous. It is not because I have reached my goals, I am still actually quite far from that but I feel great and I am happy. I was SO tired and SO sluggish for SO long, I honestly thought I was dying at one point.  Joining Fit4Mom Body Back has literally saved me! Entering the gates of depression and always in arguments with my husband about how I am “always tired” just HAD TO END.

I suffered from the worst PMS symptoms every month and barely had any time to be “normal” between periods. I was showing signs of PMDD and had been seeking help from natural paths, acupuncturists and my chiropractor.


Here are just a handful of the things I was dealing with:

  1. Extreme fatigue. For about 3 solid days I would lay around and do nothing.
  2. Obscene mood swings. Terrible mom manners…hope they don’t remember those events.
  3. Extreme sweet and salty addiction.
  4. Restless leg syndrome (I still get this but not half as bad and I have found ways to manage it)
  5. Nausea
  6. Panic attacks
  7. Vertigo

Guess what I needed to change to decrease my PMS symptoms? Exercise, daily exercise. Here I thought I was “healthy” but I really wasn’t moving as much as I should have been. I have to say this again, Body Back has literally saved me! ALL of those disgusting symptoms went away once I started moving consistently. Did you know that just working out the week before your period can help alleviate your PMS symptoms? It really helps.

So, like I said I am not close to my fitness goals yet, but I will never be done with my goals, when I finish them I will have bigger ones. Thankfully, due to the motivation and support from my Body Back class I have changed my sloth-like ways and found myself again.

Body Back is offering a MINI-SESSION starting November 29th. Here are the deets!

Join our Mini Body Back Session and keep fit for the holidays! 3 -weeks, workouts, small group and lots of fun! Join us on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-8PM or Wednesday and Friday mornings from 5:45-6:45AM at Auntie’s Playhouse! Use BBMINI16 for $15 off (expires on Nov 18th).