One of the scariest parts of parenting is Daylight Savings! They can be a little terrifying depending on when your child normally wakes up in the day but this one is my personal fave. If you have an early riser then this one is going to be your favorite too!

Since this time change has less of a jolt on our Lil’Beans sleep than falling back did in the fall you may not even have to do anything. If your child is on a good sleep schedule such as 7:00am to 7:00pm, their new wake up time will be 8:00am. The bedtime will be later but this shift doesn’t affect the body for very long, maybe a week.

Should you feel like you should keep your Lil’Bean on the same sleep schedule, you can wake them 1 hour early on the day of the time change. However, if you have a child sensitive to change or a very strong internal clock, you may find them still not able to fall asleep until their old bedtime.

So what can you do? 

A few days to a week ahead of time, start shifting your Lil’Beans schedule earlier. On Monday, March 5, 2018, start waking your child 15 minutes earlier, and moving their entire schedule (meals, naps and bedtime) 15 minutes earlier than normal. On Wednesday March 7, 2018, try shifting your little ones entire schedule 30 minutes earlier than normal. On Friday, March 9, 2018 try shifting the schedule 45 minutes earlier than normal. Finally, on Sunday March 11, 2018, return to your regular time schedule (Now on DST). If you are unable to slowly adjust your Lil’Beans schedule it may take your child a few days to adjust. If your child wakes earlier than normal on Sunday, resist the urge to move everything earlier, delay starting your day and breakfast until your usual time, maintain the schedule for naps and meals, bedtime. Remember if you consistently work on this, your child will adjust.

Extra tips to help make this an easy transition: 

  • Expose your children to lots of light during the morning and late afternoon. Keep their daily routines consistent and around the same times. This help re-set our internal clocks.
  • As it gets lighter before bedtime it’s important to create your own electronic sundown by closing the blinds, dimming the house lighting, using black out curtains, construction grade garbage bags, meth lab style tin foil, whatever works in order to keep the room environment conducive to sleep.
  • If your child uses a clock, set the wake up time an hour later and without a lot of expectation  at first, teach them to stay in their room until the clock turns green. This can take a little work for some but lots of discussions about the sleep manners is helpful.
  • Move the entire days activities & meal times accordingly.

     A well-rested child will best adapt to the time change.

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