We Feel Your Pain

We’ve been there.

The late nights, early mornings, researching products all night online, the tears, giggles, first laughs, smiles, and steps.

As fellow parents, we strive to find solutions to fit your family’s unique needs.


Sleep problems strain on the entire family, and we promise to work with your unique parenting style to find a successful sleep solution that you feel comfortable with.


Nicole Elizondo

Certified Sleep Consultant

When her first child was born, Nicole struggled with sleep. Extremely sleep deprived and desperate, Nicole reached out to a sleep consultant for help. She experienced the magic of a sleeping baby first hand, and decided she wanted to share the gift of sleep to other tired moms. Certified in 2012, by The International Maternity Institute, Nicole founded Belly to Bean, Sleep Co. to share her passion for a non-exhausted parenthood with the world.

When she’s not sharing the gift of sleep, Nicole loves refinishing furniture, living a crunchy hippy holistic lifestyle, visiting her her homeland of British Columbia, walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods, exercising with Fit4Mom, and spending as much time as possible with her husband and two children.

Candice Beach

Creative Director &

Product Consultant

Owner of a creative agency, Candice joined the Belly to Bean team after hiring Nicole to help with one of her children’s sleep issues. After months of sleepless nights, the baby slept all the way through on the first night!

A believer in Nicole’s work and Mom of four aged 5 and under, Candice is an on the go mom who is always searching for the best products to save time and simplify life. She spends her free time (I know- I laughed too..) blogging, repurposing furniture, scraping glitter glue off the ceiling, and putting out small fires her children start.